About the Programme

Student Alumni Mentorship Programme (SAMP) is a unique initiative undertaken by the Students' Alumni Cell, IIT Kharagpur. Through this programme students are connected with alumni who serve both as a guide and a source of inspiration for them. SAMP is launched with the goal of keeping the alumni connected to their alma mater as well as share their valuable experience with the current students.

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Framework of the Programme

Student Alumni Mentorship Programme facilitates a medium where the student connects with an Alumnus from a field he has a profound interest in. The Alumni share their vast repository of personal experiences and help students improve insight in many diverse aspects of life. In the process of learning the ropes he takes home so much more from the guide, coach, supporter and motivator, he finds in his mentor.

Connecting with our Alumni

The Student Alumni Mentorship Programme is an active step to keep the alumni in touch with all the happenings at IIT Kharagpur. The Institute has undergone many changes from time to time, while some are very evident there are also many subtle changes and transitions the Institute is undergoing. With an all year round interaction with the students, this initiative ensures that the Alumni are in the know of the events as they occur and helps them relive their own KGP days.

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