Alumni Talks

Since its inception in 1951, IIT Kharagpur has mentored some of the most eminent personalities in the history of the nation. The Alumni Talks provide a medium for the alumni to give back to the institute by imparting their experience to the students and preparing them for the real world. The topics of these guest lectures are spread all over ranging from personality development to department related technical lectures. The guest lectures pave a way for interaction between the alumni and the current students. Having a large alumni base to learn from has always been an integral benefit of being a student of IIT Kharagpur and these lectures ensure exactly that.

IIT Kharagpur also organizes the Leadership Summit - an event where IIT Kharagpur alumni who are reputed leaders in their respective fields come together on one platform and enthusiastically share the secrets of their success. This event is looked forward to by the students since it exposes them to a lot of a practical knowledge that can help them move up the corporate ladder with ease.

Alumni Talks form a very important part of the working of Students' Alumni Cell by bridging the gap between the alumni and students and bringing them closer together. This gives the alumni an opportunity and bring the students up to date with what they can achieve if they set their mind to it and motivate the students to achieve their dreams. Chat conversation end Type a message...

Alumni Talks

Mr Arnav Kumar (AVP, SAIF Partners) and Mr Abhinav Sinha (COO, OYO)

Guest Lecture

Mr Mark Richard (President and COO at DatabaseUSA)

Tips from Top

Speakers :
Mr. Vineet Goyal (IPS, Addl. Commissioner of Police, Kolkata)
Prof Parameshwar P. Iyer (Principal research scientist at IISc. Bangalore)
Mr. Maneesh Bhandari (Director of Center for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship, IIM Ahmedabad)

Guest Lecture

Mr Veerendra Jaitly (Founder C_CUBE Consultants | RTD.Commander of Indian Navy)

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